Potter Club 80th Anniversary Banquet Program Recordings

The Saturday evening celebration began with an eloquent Invocation delivered prior to the banquet by Rev. David Manly, `52.  Unfortunately this was not recorded at that time, but Dave graciously provided both the text and a recording he made after returning home.

An audio recording was made of the Program following the banquet.  Gerald Leggieri, `68, was Master of Ceremonies.  He donned his black "State" Potter Club jacket to make the event "official."  The full recording runs 88 minutes, and has not been posted on the web site due to the large file size (36.3MB).  It is available to anyone wishing to have a copy, and will be provided to the University Archives of Potter Club Memorabilia.  Segments provided here include:

Invocation by Rev. David Manly, `52.  The recording is 80 seconds long.  The file size is 1.10 MB. 
A copy of the text of Dave's Invocation appears at: Invocation Text.

Potter Man of the Era Award.  This one time award was made to Paul Ward, `53.  The presentation was given by Milan Krchniak, `53, followed by Paul's acceptance speech.  The recording is 16 minutes 9 seconds long.  The file size is 3.69 MB.

University at Albany Citation of Appreciation to Jack Higham, `57.  Lee Serravillo, Executive Director, UAlb Alumni Association, greeted the assembly and expressed his appreciation for the efforts of the Potter Club Alumni Association in making the Potter Memorial Room a reality, and for the services provided by Potter Club members to the Alumni Association over the years.  He introduced Kay Hotaling, `67, President, UAlb Alumni Association, who presented a plaque to Jack Higham, `57, for his service to Potter Club and to the Alumni Association.  Gerry Leggieri followed with the presentation of a $150 cash award to Jack on behalf of the Potter Club Alumni Association.  This recording is 6 minutes and 3 seconds long.  The file size is 1.51 MB.

An "open mike" session was conducted by Emcee Leggieri.  Carlton Coulter, `35, President, 1934-1935, provided his recollections of Potter Club essentially from its beginning.  He was followed by Kenneth Doran, `39, who spoke of the period from 1935 through 1939; and Eugene McLaren, `45, spoke of the period from 1941 through the war years until his graduation in 1945.

Carlton Coulter Recollections.  This recording is 27 minutes48 seconds long.  The file size is 6.37 MB.

Ken Doran Recollections.  This recording is 3 minutes 19 seconds long.  The file size is 781 KB.

Gene McLaren Recollections.  This recording is 4 minutes 36 seconds long.  The file size is 1.06 MB.

Potter Club Song.  The evening was concluded with the singing of the Potter Club Song, conducted by Ron Graves, `58.  This recording is 99 seconds long.  The file size is 390 KB.