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Sunday Downtown Tour323 viewsHawley Library
Sunday Downtown Tour291 viewsHawley Library
Sunday Downtown Tour318 viewsDowntown Campus - Draper Hall.
Note welcome sign for Potter Tour
Sunday Downtown Tour286 viewsDowntown Campus - Huseted Hall on left, Draper Hall on right
Saturday Banquet 433 viewsPotter Club Reunion 2011
Front row, seated:
Bob Lanni, 52; Tom Yole, 52; Tom Singleton, 52; Paul Ward, 53; Matthew Potter; Susan Potter Mintzer; Gloria M. Potter

Row 2:
Kay Hotaling, Pres. UAlb Alumni Assoc.; Dave Manly, 52; Art Batty, 52; Dan Tauroney, 52; Carlton Coulter, 35; Ray Champlin, `52; Ken Doran. 39; Bob Umholtz, 51; Ed Bonahue, 53; Pat Pearson, 65

Row 3:
Milan Krchniak, 53; Jack Higham, 57; Bernard McEvoy, 57; Gerry Holzman, 54; Vince Mauriello, 68; Jim Sweet, 56 (in white coat); George Wood, 54; Bob Fairbanks, 64; Ross Dailey, 58 (behind Fairbanks); Bob Sage, 55; Joe McCormick, 53; Joe Zanchelli, 49 (in light coat); Carl Miller, 68; Grant Downs, 68; Roger Gorham, 69

Row 4:
Franz Zwicklbauer, 62; Doug Penfield, 60; Harry Johnson, 51; Fred Culbert, 65 (behind Johnson and Schneider); John Schneider, 65; Gene McLaren, 45 (behind Schneider and O'Loughlin); Tom O'Loughlin, 56; Geoff Williams, UAlb Archivist; Joe Persico, 52; Eric Kafka, 60; Harold Smith, 53 (behind Kafka and Palczak); Claude Palczak, 53 (behind Dailey and Sage); Ron Graves, 58; Jim Panton, 53 (behind Graves and Zanchelli); Bob Benton, 64; Gerry Leggieri, 68; Ray Shipman, 61

Row 5:
Peter Schroeck, 65; Bill Lindberg, 55; Bob Coan, 55; Joe Stella, 54; Dave Sully, 65; John Centra, 54; Ed Franco, 55 (behind Persico and Kafka); Frank Ioele, 52; Peter McManus, 54; Bob DeMichiell, 55; Herb Egert, 53; Richard Szymanski, 67; Don Kisiel, 66; Henry Maus, 62; Dan Schultz, 62

Row 6:
Lee Serravillo, Exec. Dir. UAlb Alum Assoc.; Art Weigand, 53; DeWitt Combs, 55; Dick Persico, 55; Doug Davis, 69; Joe Dolan, 52

Missing from photo, but in attendance at Friday Reception:
Al Alcon, 71; Ron Alexander, 58; Stewart Crowell, 64; Eric Fogelgaren, 68; Carl Herman, 62; Carroll Judd, 53; Dave LeBleu, 65; John Lewis, 62; Ken Ludlum, 51; Gary Penfield, 63; George Philip, 69, Pres., UAlb; Richard Sauers, UAlb Basketball Coach
Saturday Banquet336 viewsEmcee Gerry Leggieri, 68 at left.
Milan Krchniak, 53, at podium makes presentation speech for Paul Ward, Potter Man of the Era Award.
Saturday Banquet329 views80th Anniversary Reunion Emcee, Gerald Leggieri, 68
Saturday Banquet309 viewsEmcee Leggieri dons Potter "State" jacket to get in the mood for his duties.
Saturday Banquet311 viewsPaul Ward introduces the Potter Family members in attendance.
Saturday Banquet319 viewsDave Manly, 52, gives Invocation.

A Reflection of Potter Club on the Occasion of Its Eightieth Birthday

Here we are, Lord, to honor EDWARD ELDRED POTTER... and a life exemplified by integrity and vision, high aspirations and lofty achievement, with pride in country and ultimate sacrifice... his life resonating in our minds, yes, but even more in our hearts.

Here we are, Lord, to honor EDWARD ELDRED POTTER CLUB... a fellowship established in bonding brotherhood and lives of service to others... across two centuries impacting our collegiate years in a myriad of character-building ways.

Here we are, Lord, POTTERMEN... (and significant others) reveling in our bountiful memories of our collegiate past with friends, some alas, no longer with us; gathered here tonight appreciative of our opportunity to rekindle friendships in the present, keenly aware of future opportunities and challenges awaiting us to be met all ways and always befitting our association with Edward Eldred Potter: We in him... He in us. Amen

N.B.: The text of this invocation is also available as a text file elsewhere on the web site. A post banquet recording was made by Dave that is also available elsewhere on the web site. (We inadvertently failed to record his words live at the banquet.)

Dave is also a Myskania Plaque honoree.
Saturday Banquet327 viewsPotter Family Members attending the Banquet.

Gloria M. Potter, Potter niece by marriage; Matthew Potter, Potter Great Grand Nephew; Susan Potter Mintzer, Potter Grand Niece
Saturday Banquet321 viewsGuest Table:
Clockwise from lower left:
Gloria M. Potter, Potter Niece by marriage; Matthew Potter, Great Grand Nephew; Susan Potter Mintzer, Grand Niece; Paul Ward, 53, Recipient of the Potter Man of the Era Award; Doris Vater Ward, 52; Geoff Williams, UAlb Archivist; Lee Serravillo, Exec. Dir., UAlb Alumni Association
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